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3 nerds are sitting in a bar, ones a Comic Book shop owner, ones a D&D DM, ones a WoW GM. A tall smokn hot blonde with a white tank top and a skirt walks in and sits at the bar. The 3 nerds start boasting how they can get in her pants and make bets. The Comic Book guy walks up, says something gets slaped and comes back. they ask what happened he says, I asked to see her Batcave. They laugh and the DM goes up next. he sits down says something gets slapped and comes back. They ask what happened he says i told her i was on a quest to ravage the forest Frumunda, she asked what that was and i said Frumunda her skirt. The GM goes up sits down and talks longer then the other two and she starts to smile. The GM then stands up, turns around, and walks back to the table with a horrified look on his face. they ask him what happened and he said, turns out she plays WoW we started talking about it and i told her i was Hordy and as a Rouge i like to do it from behind, she said Well as an Alliance warrior i must vanquish you, then she unsheathed her sword...
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