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Warlords is live!

Small Trax 2y
Trax21546Small xicc 2y
Lifebind21656Small Profit 2y
Guild News

Better Late than Never

Congratulations Unthul, Armahex, Xicc, Fuz, and myself (Traxax) on being probably the last team to complete our Challenge mode Dungeon achievement. Better late than never. See you all in Warlords
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Trax62790Small Bad_Mexican 2y
Rokareot118757Small Fuz 2y
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Hellscream's Downfall

Individual Point of ViewsLifebind - Discipline PriestTraxax - Protection WarriorProfit - Balance Druid
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Lifebind63571Small Trax 3y
Lifebind32306Member avatar small Squeik 3y
Trax43879Small Fuz 3y
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Lifebind42528Small Kradrepins 3y
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Team 2 - Heroic Spoils of Pandaria

"Go Team Squeik"
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Heroic Thok!

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Heroic Juggs

Congrats to Team 2 on Heroic Iron Juggernaut!
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Updated Progress

Congrats to both teams on progression this week! Team 1 is now 9/14 and Team 2 is quickly catching up and now at 4/14!Below is a preview of what's in store for the remaining bosses
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Lifebind42384Small Trax 3y
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Halfway To The Finish

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