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#3310764 Oct 12, 2010 at 01:27 AM · Edited 10 years ago
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A Monday evening

[Guild][Altffour]: Patch is tomorrow! I totally read up on all the new tank stuff, and my camp councilor helped me with the stuff I didn't understand.
[Guild][Gary]: No one cares.
[Guild][Paladinjésus]: Oh shit patch day, that means the stupid dynamic raid lockout starts. We won't be able to do 10 mans anymore.
[Guild][Influx]: Uh oh, quick lets go do something.
[Guild][Paladinjésus]: OK, who wants to go?
[Guild][Altffour]: I will
[Guild][Gary]: I will come and I won't fall asleep and wipe us!
[Guild][Garv]: I can tank it.
[Guild][Molvar]: I'll come do less DPS than you PJ.
[Guild][XIrony]: I got my silver hat on backwards, and Lil' Wayne on loop, lets do this.

To [Lifebind] Dude let's go do HM RS10, I'm tired of the stupid boot camp tank holding that shit over me.
[Lifebind] whispers: I can't I have to go to work and drive around in my replica Tony Stewart #14 car because I love Nascar more than sex. I leave in like an hour.

To [Ahva] Dude, we need to go run RS 10 before they implement the new system. You coming?
[Ahva] whispers: I can't man, my girlfriend is coming over in like an hour and we're going to watch Machete and pretend Mexicans are cool.

To [Rokareot] Old man, we need to kill RS 10. You have to come.
[Rokareot] whispers: I'M NOT OLD. I can't make it though, I have an appointment in an hour at the massage parlor with this little Asian girl, she's the only one who can handle the ROKSTER. Can't be late or no happy ending for me.

So due to our time constraints, we killed HM RS 10 man in under an hour. Everyone still got to go do their other random crap that was apparently important. The end.

Finally the good people in <Anger> have an answer to the question asked on a daily basis. What does it take to be a loser like PJ? Look closely at the screenshot. Not even K-Fed could make so many people facepalm.
#3310778 Oct 12, 2010 at 01:31 AM
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nice job guys!
#3313253 Oct 12, 2010 at 11:51 AM
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Awesome job everybody. Took us long enough.:D
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